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LUCIANO and HEATHER GUINO-O Story: A Father-Daughter Bond Strengthened by Volleyball

Written By: Zerjosh Serrano and Paul Tamayo   Heather Guino-o was only in fifth grade when she came running to his father Luciano to excitedly tell him the news that she is being recruited for a volleyball team. It was the start of something big for Heather, who is now a professional volleyball player in […]

SJ BELANGEL: Recapturing His Basketball Passion Through Passion Sports

Written By: Zerjosh Serrano and Paul Tamayo   It doesn’t take a lot of research to know that Ateneo Blue Eagle SJ Belangel is a winner. In the two years that he has played in the UAAP Seniors prior to the pandemic, SJ has won two championships with Ateneo. But behind the glamour and the […]

JOAQUIN BASILIO: Trusting The Process

By: John Dave Casas Reaching our dreams requires patience, sacrifice and most of all by trusting that something great is prepared for us. Pushing forward and creating rafters for his budding career, young prodigy Joaquin Basilio-Under Armour Philippine’s Ambassador never fail to chase the dream he always wanted as a child. Together with his parents, […]

TRAVIS CORTES: The Making Of An International Superstar

By: John Dave Casas At this age many kids are head down all day using their gadgets and playing games. But for this young and passionate kid, basketball is his life. Looking back 2 years ago, Wayne Travis Cortes was just another multi talented ‘kid’ exploring the sport of basketball. He was just ten years […]


By: John Dave Casas Sports plays a big role in nation building. It became the binding force of us all. The spirit of passion is heard and can be felt on the last minute of the PBA Finals or the strong uppercut jab of Manny Pacquiao knocking down the opponent, it may be the hanging […]