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KYLE DOMINGUEZ: A Brain Tumor Survivor And The Important Values He Learned From Sports

Written By: Zerjosh Serrano and Paul Tamayo Kyle Dominguez first enrolled at Passion Sports in 2017. It was a summer camp at Cavite, and since he was living near the venue, Kyle grabbed the opportunity to learn basketball under the great coaches of Passion Sports that includes former PBA player Rob Labagala, who is also […]

STEVE and EDZEL TUMANDAO: A Father-Son Love Built Up by Basketball

Written By: Zerjosh Serrano and Paul Tamayo This is not your typical and perfect love story with sparkling background and unchained melodies. Nor your favorite primetime soap opera where you spend long hours crying in front of the television. This is a story of a man who is more than willing to conquer anything for […]

RICHARD ALBO: On The Value Of Imparting Life Lessons To His Sports-Oriented Daughter

Written By: ZerJosh Serrano and Paul Tamayo At age 35, Richard Albo was the oldest applicant during this year’s PBA Draft. Richard went undrafted, and that could have forced him to give up on his dreams. It is a physically-demanding sport, and most hoopers in their late 30s would give up playing highly-competitive basketball. But […]

MARK VELIGANILAO: Reaching His Basketball Dreams From The Far Province Of Bantayan Island

By: Zerjosh Serrano and Paul Tamayo When Passion Sports first opened a basketball camp in Cebu City, tons of aspiring hoopers attended the event. After all, Cebu is one of the hotbeds of Philippine basketball so it’s just natural that Passion Sports’ camp garnered a lot of attention. But we didn’t expect that a young […]

DEIVID YAP: Surviving Bone Cancer Through Positivity And Love For Basketball

By: Zerjosh Serrano and Paul Tamayo That’s exactly what Deivid Yap did. Deivid, who is now sixteen years of age, started joining the basketball camps organized by Passion Sports back in 2013. It was his father who encouraged him to join, and Deivid said that it was worth it because he was able to improve […]

MAC TALLO: On Learning From His Mistakes And Realizing The Value Of Always Staying In Shape

By: ZerJosh Serrano and Paul Tamayo When you think of the most credentialed basketball players coming from Cebu, more prominent names like June Mar Fajardo or Dondon Hontiveros will always come first. But you can’t overlook Mac Tallo, who is as much as a Cebuano legend as they come. While in Cebu, Mac won at […]