Monthly Archives: January 2021

NIETO BROTHERS: Deep Passion For The Game

By: John Dave Casas   The COVID-19 Pandemic ravaged the whole world and the Philippines as well. The sports sector is not exempted as coliseum doors closed and tournaments stopped. It was a bleak season for Philippine Sports since big tournaments like the PBA has already opened a new season and was abruptly halted in […]

TRAVIS CORTES: The Making Of An International Superstar

By: John Dave Casas At this age many kids are head down all day using their gadgets and playing games. But for this young and passionate kid, basketball is his life. Looking back 2 years ago, Wayne Travis Cortes was just another multi talented ‘kid’ exploring the sport of basketball. He was just ten years […]

MIGS PASCUAL: Family Motivation Key To Reaching Success

By: John Dave Casas Building someone’s dream takes a lot of time and rigorous effort. It is a test of passion, patience and sacrifice. In sports, aspiring athletes started young and took their trainings to an extra mile. This is of course the result of the motivation and support given by their parents and loved […]


By: John Dave Casas Sports plays a big role in nation building. It became the binding force of us all. The spirit of passion is heard and can be felt on the last minute of the PBA Finals or the strong uppercut jab of Manny Pacquiao knocking down the opponent, it may be the hanging […]